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12. Our barristers will send you a client care letter if you are a lay client before undertaking any work. If you are a solicitor our standard terms will apply. The current standard contract as set our by the Bar Council will be the terms on which we will accept work: Standard Terms for Instructions By Solicitors. All briefs must be in good order. This website is not an offer to undertake a particular element or piece of work. We are an ethical organisation and seek to achieve high standards in all that we do. We undertake work throughout England and Wales and in some other jurisdictions.


13.Complaints and compliments can be sent to our clerks. See our complaints policy for more details.

14. We are required by national law to ascertain the identity of individuals. See our compliance page for more details.

15. We treat our clients and staff equally. See our equality page for more details.


16. Beware of scams that use our barristers’ names and addresses. We do not arrange jobs for other organisations or people, do not have any dealings with lotteries or wills, or ask for money for services connected with immigration, prizes, lotteries or inheritences. Report scams to the police in your jurisdiction.


Any dispute of claim is reserved to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Terms updated 15 September 2012.