Equal Opportunities Policy

Our equal opportunities policy is set out below:

We will not discriminate on grounds of race, gender or transgender, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability when deciding whether to accept instructions from clients, recruiting personnel or in the provision of services in general. We provide our services for the general community and not for any small client group which might be interpreted as discriminatory.

We are committed to providing equal treatment and opportunities to all clients, and all job applicants, personnel, tenants and door tenats and pupils in the chambers in accordance with the guidance issued by the Bar Council & Bar Standards Board and other regulators of the Bar.

Chambers monitors developments and changes in legislation/best practice in the area of equal opportunities and we will amend our procedures and policies in respect of equal opportunities accordingly.

Should you become aware of any issue or concern in this area or omission in this statement of our policy, please bring the matter to the attention of the Practice Manager (see our Contact Us page) immediately for informal remediation, either by telephone or email. Alternatively, you may use our complaints procedure. Our formal policy: EOD. Our diversity or equal opportunities officer is the Head of Chambers, who is also our diversity data officer. See our diversity data collection policy for more details. Members of Chambers have agreed to only certain data being published. See also our Chambers Consent Forms for data collection, our Data Collection Questionnaire, and our promotion of diversity action plan.

View our: Chambers Diversity Stats 2021 for our Workforce.

We do not currently recruit pupils. Nor do we provide work experience placements or mini-pupillages. However, if circumstances change, formal pupillage will be advertised through the Bar Council approved portal. Our recruitment staff receive training in appropriate selection processes.

Visitors to Chambers who have disabilities:

Some areas of our building may not be suitable for those with mobility issues. We are always prepared to visit clients (lay or professional) at an alternative venue, suitable for their individual requirements, and can also make arrangements for more appropriate venues located near to our offices if required. If you would like to check any facilities or discuss any particular needs before attending chambers, please Contact Us.