Lee André Gledhill of Counsel (Lawyer)

Barrister Lee André Gledhill has been in legal practise for over eighteen years. He has wide experience in civil and criminal law, inquest law, and in defending healthcare and other specialist registrants before their regulators (including the GMC, NMC, HPC, GOC, GDC, ISA, GPhC). He also represents care homes and hospitals in CQC proceedings.

Prior to training to be a barrister Lee Gledhill trained to be a registered general nurse. He clinically practised as a nurse in the NHS and private sector and so recognises the individual difficulties that different working environments can create for registered practitioners.

Lee Gledhill regularly defends doctors who appear before the General Medical Council (GMC) in Manchester and London. He has a track-record of defending doctors of all levels and in a variety of specialities, in fitness to practise proceedings and interim orders panel hearings.

Lee Gledhill also represents nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, paramedics, social workers, accountants, police officers, care home owners before various regulators and tribunals.

Lee Gledhill also has a specialist practise in Inquest Law, regularly appearing in inquests across England and Wales.

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