Legal Representation

Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients in courts and tribunals and other legal or quasi-legal forums. On occasions barristers are permitted to attend work-based disciplinary hearings and interviews.

Your barrister will present your case according to the rules governing the particular legal forum. They will question witnesses and put your case to them. Where you give evidence, your barrister will take you through your evidence. Your barrister might make opening and closing submissions, submissions on the unfairness of the proceedings, or submissions of an abuse of process. They might also make applications for adjournments, and make crucial protective submissions during a trial or hearing.

Barristers are familiar with the rules of evidence and procedure of many legal and semi-legal courts and other forums. They are highly trained in law and the presentation of cases.

To be effective in court, a barrister will need to undertake significant preparation and also continue to undertake daily preparation for the next working day. A client who briefs their barrister well increases their chances of success at a hearing.

Barristers also write or draft written submissions, statements, and othe legal documents, and you can consult a barristeron a variety of matters and instruct them to draft a document for you.